Do you feel that art has lost its place in the world? That instead of fulfilling its purpose —addressing humanity’s deepest emotions and most unexplainable perceptions while also acting as a means of cultural (ex)change — it has become pure signifier? A mere object for trade or decoration? A trivial, distorted reflection of today’s society? Here at ​1&7 PR​, we believe that art is more valuable than the price tag placed on it or the name connected to the gallery at which it is displayed. We believe that creativity can have both intrinsic and extrinsic value, that art can work to unite people in the highest sense while also acting as an asset to the artists themselves, allowing them to meet their financial needs and career goals. To that end, ​1&7​ aims to help our clients retrieve and convey the most meaningful aspects of their work, sometimes buried under layers of old-school promotional strategies.

We specialize in individually tailored plans for our clients, creating innovative and personalized solutions to meet their ever-changing needs. This could include anything from writing or editing essays for websites and helping flesh out artist statements and manifestos, to introducing our customers to the right press contacts or dealing with social-media management. And while we tend to be particularly selective with our clients, they do not always represent the known or recognized echelons of the art world. We love a challenge and are revitalized by new and exciting perspectives.

Before accepting a commission, we analyze the subject of our research in depth for days. We then brainstorm with some of the best art writers, editors, graphic designers, photographers, musicians, and video makers in the world, who just so happen to be part of our multi-ethnic, politically-engaged, and gender-equality-oriented team!

Once a connection with our ideal clients has been established, either in person or via calls or emails, we devote all our time and energy to complying with their demands, alternating every phase of our work with recurrent quality controls and updates, until each member of our team is entirely satisfied with the final result.

Each ​1&7​ client is treated as a friend and ally and remains as involved in the process as they desire. It is a collaborative and productive partnership, built to last as we perfect ourselves together.

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